About TAF

Teaching Apprentice Fellowship (TAF) is a full-time job leadership development program. The TAF  Fellowship is an intensive and cohesive, one-year program that supports early-career, university teachers in their efforts to develop teaching expertise and lead from the classroom.

Flagship Features:

  1. One year full-time paid fellowship 

  2. Intensive in job training as a university classroom teacher

  3. Professional & Personal Development training to instill authentic leadership qualities 

  4. Opportunity to work as a full time & permanent teacher/employee at Daffodil Intentional University & in other educational institutes of Daffodil Family (DIIT, DIPTI, Daffodil Polytechnic Institute, Daffodil School, College, BSDI & more)


Teaching is a science. Teaching is an art. Teaching is parenting. Teaching is coaching. Teaching is a skill. Teaching skills can be built gradually through hands-on practical training & learning. Trust me it doesn't happen automatically or naturally. In this competitive century where AI is replacing human intelligence, a teacher is never enough with her/his own IQ only. Teachers must be competent with Emotional Intelligence (EQ) too. 

TAF will select & recruit promising graduates from different universities who are passionate to take the challenges as university faculty members to contribute to transforming students' life with 21st-century leadership & meta-skills. 

We believe  "Standard of a country never crosses the standard of its teachers." TAF will dedicate its effort and expertise to prepare teachers according to the demand of the 21st century to set a new height of the country.