Topic outline

  • Course summary

    Welcome to This Course...

    This course will help us to understand the ways through which we can disseminate Nutritional Message effectively to the mass population. Different materials and methods will guide us here to ensure the success of dissemination. Development of new materials and methods are possible after following this course.  

  • Lesson Plan

    This is actually a preview of the full course strategies. A step wise explanation. It is explained in such an easy manner that you will understand which topics will be covered one after another, when you will have your -class tests, midterm exam, assignment, presentation and final exam and the syllabuses of these exams are also declared in the lesson plan.

  • Students Attendance

    Student's Attendance

    Student's attendance will be taken here. 7 marks are assigned in attendance for the entire semester. Students can easily get this 7  marks attending all classes. 

    • Recorded Online Classes

      Recorded Online Classes

      Students will be able to find all recorded online classes here. 

    • Guidelines for Students

      Guideline for Students

    • Historical Perspectives of nutrition education

      Video Tutorial

      Learning Outcome

      Students will be able to understand when and how the need for nutrition education have started and also which are the pioneer organizations and institutions in Bangladesh.

    • Nutrition Awareness Building

      Video Tutorial

      Learning Outcome

      To disseminate knowledge related nutrition to the people, the first priority is to create awareness. Students will learn the techniques and methods to create nutrition awareness in mass people.

    • Communication in Nutrition Education

      Video Tutorial

      Learning Outcome

      As we are learning here how to make people understand nutritional messages, communication is the primary area we need to focus more on. Because, if the communications are effective, the nutrition education program will be successful.

    • Communication strategies

      Video Tutorial

      Learning Outcome

      This topic will help students to learn different strategies and approaches in nutrition education.
    • Class Test 1

      Date: 17th June

      We will have our first class test after finishing the following topics:

      1. History and Perspectives of Nutrition Education.

      2. Nutrition awareness Building.

      3. Communication in Nutrition Education.

      4. Communication Strategies in Nutrition Education.

      The pattern of the question will be conceptual.

    • Audio and Visual Aids in Nutrition Education

      Video Tutorial

      Learning Outcome

      To disseminate nutritional knowledge we need materials. Materials can be audio, visual, or both. Students will learn here the types of materials which are in use and also how to develop new aids for nutrition education.

    • Practical Food Demonstration

      Video Tutorial

      Learning Outcome

      Practical Food Demonstration is one of the ways of nutritional knowledge dissemination. It is widely used and very effective. Through classwork, students will be able to learn practical food demonstrations.

    • Role Play in Nutrition Education

      Video Tutorial

      Learning Outcome

      Role play is one of the most important forms of communication. It is how the audience makes sense of the world around them. It does not need too much equipment.

    • Class Test 2

      Date: 1st July

      Syllabus of Class Test 2

      1. Audio and Visual aids in Nutrition Education

      2. Practical Demonstration in Nutrition Education

      3. Role Play in Nutrition Education.

      Pattern of Question

      1. Short

      2. MCQ

      3. Conceptual

      Total Marks-15

    • Midterm Syllabus

      Date: 7th July

      Syllabus for Midterm Exam

        Pattern Of Midterm Question

        • MCQ and Short Questions
        • Case Study Questions
        • Conceptual Question

        Marks Distribution

        • MCQ and Short Questions - 40%
        • Case Study Questions- 30%
        • Conceptual Questions- 30%

        Time of the Midterm Exam

        • Question will be Open at 3:00 pm
        • Question will be Close at 5:00 pm
        • Duration of Exam- 90 Minutes
        • Attempts- 2

      • Assignment and presentation

        Assignment and Presentation

        In the attached file, you are instructed on what to do as an assignment and presentation. The class on assignment and presentation will be after the Midterm exam. But, I am giving you the instructions many days earlier because you have to do lots of activities regarding assignments and presentations. 

        Submission Deadline- 27th July

        Assessment Deadline-5th August