Instructions about Midterm Exam

Instructions about Midterm Exam

by Effat Ara Jahan -
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Exam time: 10- 11:30 am

1. You will get total 90 minutes for your exam

2. Mcq 15 minutes for 12 marks and creative 75 minutes...your creative questions will be 4 total marks 10.. 2.5 Each.

3. You can submit your presentation minimum 1page or 4 slides to maximum 10 slides (without name or thank you slides) or 3pages

4. You can submit your presentation before or within midterm exam but not after that.


Attempt will be: 2 (only due to Emergency as electricity or internet problem you can go for 2nd one, please remember I can check your both attempt.

 I am always want to help you and I believe you are reading the course for your learning more than memorization. For your any kind of problem let me know.