Course Code:NFE 111      Credit Hour: 3.0 Total Marks: 100

Course Teacher: 

Dr. Md. Bellal Hossain 
Professor and Head
Department of Nutrition and Food Engineering
Faculty of Allied Health Sciences
Daffodil International University
Cell no: +8801680378493

Rationale: This course is the fundamental theorization for Nutrition, Agro-Processing, Unit operation, Mechanical engineering, food materials science and operational technology, food regulations and modern concept on preservation etc.

Objectives: This course will introduce the basics of food science and provide a branch point for discussions about common misconceptions about the food industry. Student will be able to

to enhance knowledge on food choice and behavior 

to earn knowledge of machine and materials, process flow and input-output,  

preservation, design, drawing, cost analysis, operational management.

to develop skills on manufacturing of food products for commercialization and 

to introduce the recent development of food products such as bakery, dairy, beverage and others commercial food products 

to know about hospital mgt. and dietary activities like diet and diseases, diet planning and therapeutic diet counseling etc.

Separate groups: All participants
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