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Assessment phase

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Submission phase
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Assessment phase
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Grading evaluation phase
Instructions for assessment












©  Presents the topic by laying out the overall structure of the presentation

©  Begins with a question/story/quote that is thought provoking and related to the topic

©  States the duration of the presentation

©  Clarifies to the audience the place and time to ask questions and give feedback/comments



©  Presents the topic by laying out the overall structure of the presentation

©  Begins with a story/quote/question related to the topic

©  Does not state the duration as well as the time and place to ask questions and give feedback/comments





©  Presents the topic in a sketchy fashion


©  Does not ask thought provoking questions or narrate stories to create interest in the topic


©  May/may not state the duration of the talk






©  Directly goes into the first slide without introducing the topic, its structure, and duration

©  Has unclear sequencing

©  Does not orient the audience to the objectives

©  Does not interest the audience





©  Logical sequencing, concise content and clarity of ideas

©  The presentation asks motivating questions

©  Accurate information which includes newspaper articles, interviews, audio recordings etc.

©  Logical sequencing and clarity of ideas

©  Information seems reliable but is not backed by specific references to resources

©  Content is vague and does not convey the purpose of the presentation

©  Information contains few facts which do not seem to fit into the presentation

©  References to resources are not made

©  Content lacks clarity and logical sequencing

©  Information contains only one or two facts about the topic

©  Information is presented abruptly and is incomplete and/or incorrect


Slide arrangement

©  The text used in the slides is of appropriate size , which is readable by the audience

©  The text is of appropriate length and the colors of the background enhance the readability of the content

©  The content is well spaced with emphasis on headings and sub- headings

©  Pictures/graphs/other support material is clear


©  The text in the slides is easy to read in a few places and not so in the rest of the slides

©  Pictures/graphs/diagrams are clear

©  The content is well spread out in the slides

©  The background and colors used do not enhance readability of the content


©  The text in the slides is crowded and lengthy, making it difficult to read

©  The background and colors used are too many making it difficult to read the text

©  The content is arranged in some structure but seems cluttered

©  Diagrams/pictures/graphs are too small to allow reading

©  The text is difficult to read as the font size is too small

©  The text is devoid of headings and sub-headings

©  The content/pictures/diagrams are cluttered and confusing


Written work



©  Language used in the text of the slides is simple with no errors in grammar and spelling

©  Language used in the text of the slides is clear with just a couple of spelling errors

©  Language used in  the slides has grammatical and spelling errors which make the presentation difficult to comprehend

©  Language used is difficult to understand and needs revision


Body Language

©  Presenter makes constant eye contact with the audience

©  Movement and gestures are welcoming

©  Use of humor at regular intervals

©  Smooth movement and gestures by the presenter which make the presentation lively

©  Steady flow of ideas with confident stance and posture

©  Comments and gestures are intimidating and curb questions from the audience

©  Only looks at some people in the audience

©  Blocks some from viewing the slides by standing in an inappropriate place

©  Ignores questions from the audience and brushes aside any form of interaction


List/use of resources

©  References to resources are cited accurately

©  Sound and graphics used enhance the comprehension of ideas and concepts

©  Resources are well integrated into the presentation

©  References to most of the resources are cited

©  Sound and graphics used make it possible to comprehend ideas and concepts

©  References to only some resources are  cited

©  Sounds and graphics used do not enhance concepts or help to comprehend them

©  Resources used are more decorative and do not add to the content

©  Resources are not supported by references

©  Sounds and graphics are unrelated and only have decorative value



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