This course will introduce the basics of food science and provide a branch point for discussions about common misconceptions about the food industry. Student will be able to

ยท      to enhance knowledge on food choice and behavior

ยท      to earn knowledge of machine and materials, process flow and input-output, 

      preservation, design, drawing, cost analysis, operational management.

ยท      to develop skills on manufacturing of food products for commercialization and

ยท      to introduce the recent development of food products such as bakery, dairy, beverage and others commercial food products

to know about hospital mgt. and dietary activities like diet and diseases, diet planning and therapeutic diet counseling etc.

Learning Outcomes

Able to earn the basic food related fundamental knowledge 

Able to know about basic concept of different unit operational equipment for Food Processing 

Scope of food product processing in unit operational lab for motivation and awareness creation among students

Able to understand the modern tools for healthy food processing and its global demand 

Skill Level: Beginner