Students in this course focus on learning essential vocabulary, practicing pronunciation, and understanding simple grammatical structures. ... Students practice listening and speaking in real-life situations, learn to read and write Chinese characters, and examine how culture and language interact in China

This course has been designed to improve the listening, speaking, academic reading and writing skills. The aim is to develop test-taking strategies specifically for the IELTS test.In this course students will learn test taking strategies to help them reach their IELTS test score goal. Students will prepare specifically for the listening and speaking modules, as well as the Academic Reading and Writing components. Mini tests will be administered throughout the course to track the students’ progress.

This is a learner-centered, integrated-skills based, English course designed with the aim of equipping freshmen students with the essential reading, writing, speaking and listening skills to develop basic communication skills in English language. This course is designed to help students practice English to explore situations and contexts related to academic and daily life and thus develop their English proficiency level. The variety of topics, language skills and perspectives presented in the class will also facilitate their critical thinking development and thus enable students to become more confident as well as encourage to become independent.