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Course Content with outline and Books File Course Outline
URL Reference Books

Bakery Products Science and Technology - Y. H. Hui


The Science of Bakery Products-W. P. Edwards

Introduction with Students URL Introductory class with students
Introduction to baking and confectionery Technology File Handouts on lecture 1
URL Video resources on different baked products

Identify the different baked products by watching the video...

URL Discussion Class on lecture 1
Baking Ingredients & functions File Handouts on Lecture 2
URL Discussion class on lecture 2
File Handouts on lecture 3
URL Discussion class on lecture 3
URL Differences between baking soda and baking powder

Watch the video and write your answer in forum..

File Handouts on lecture 4
URL Different kinds of sugar

Write the name of the all sugar that you have learnt from the the forum..

URL Discussion class on lecture 4
Principles of Heat Transfer File Handouts of Lecture 5
URL video resources on conduction ,convection and radiation
URL Discussion class on lecture 5
Heat and mass transfer with the machines use in Baking File handouts on Lecture 6
URL Discussion class on lecture 6
Page Different Ovens use in baking
Cake and Pastry File Handouts on 7

able to know about ingredients, classifications and manufacturing process

File Handouts on lecture 8
Page Industrial Manufacturing of Cake
learn the process of making of cake in food industries by overvieing the video...

File Handouts on lecture 9
Biscuit and cookies File Handouts on Lecture 10
File Handouts oh lecture 11
Bread File bread
File Handouts on Lecture 12 & 13
Page manufacturing of bread
Watch the video of industrial processing of bread and write two impotant point from the video in forum section...

Chewing gum, candy and Chocolate File Candy and Chocolates
File Handouts on Lecture 14 & 15
Page Chocolate Manufacturing process
Watch the video for industrial processing of chocolate ...and share your learning by making an innovative reciepe of forum ..

Presentation File Rubrics for presentation

Please follow the rubrics during making your presentations as your marks will be given by following the attached rubrics.