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Dear Students,
Please actively participate in all of your activities in BLC because you will be graded by your activities.

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Classification of Microorganism student Q/A Forum on lecture 1 and 2

1.Why Most scientific names are Latin?

2. Differentiate between bacteria and virus.

3. Write the name of the material present in cell wall of bacteria, algae and fungus

History of microbiology Student's Q/A discussion forum on lecture lecture 3

Write minimum four  points that you have learned from The video tutorial and the youtube Video...

Virology Student's Q/A forum

Write your question and answer here

Virology Student's Q/A discussion forum

Summarize  your understanding on lecture 4 & Lecture  5

Mycology student Q/A forum

Write the summary of your learning from "structure and Classification part 1 & 2" before the next class

Mycology Student Q/A forum 14
Bacteriology Student Q/ A forum 12
Bacteriology Student's Q/A Forum on Bacteriology

Share your learning with minimum 3 point

Microbiological diseases and Microbial culture Student's Q/A forum 10
Food Spoilage and Preservation Student Q/A forum

Share your learning in 4 points on Spoilage and preservation of foods